The Motivation behind Seal Child with Robert Vescio

September 14th, 2021
Author Robert Vescio talks all about his inspiration for his new book, Seal Child.

For a little girl lost and alone, hope is a baby seal. Set sail on a journey of love, friendship and adventure.

Seal Child is a story to never give up hope when all is lost. This story is perfect for discussing life’s toughest challenges either a big move, long-distance separation, migration, natural disasters and displacement.

Seal Child is a story about loss and survival. It is told in a way that is completely accessible to kids.

The story shows the highs and lows of a child’s journey trying to find her family and a place to call home again. We see her grow as a person and become resilient through all the challenges she faces. Along the way, she finds a baby seal, alone and lost as well, and the pair soon become friends.

The title reflects the similarities of the two characters having lost their families and searching for a new home. And the bond and friendship developed between the two characters. They both get their strength from each other.

I am the son of migrant parents. My father and mother came to Australia from Italy in the late ‘50s. Here, they both met and married. I can only imagine how hard and challenging it must have been for them to leave their home after the war and settle and adapt to a new country, a new language and a new lifestyle. 

The motivation for this story derives from a strong desire to keep their stories alive and for the many other migrants who have made the journey to find peace and start a new future elsewhere. 

Thank you to Robert for writing this wonderful blog piece! 
You can find Robert on FacebookInstagram, and on his website.

Seal Child

While a child searches for a place to call home, she is befriended by a seal. This lyrical tale is one of hope and friendship. Illustrator Anna Pignataro has captured the drama of the sea and sky, creating the perfect backdrop to Robert Vescio’s enchanting story.

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