Under the Red Shawl

Starting out in a new place is tough, but friendship, kindness and imagination help Salim, Mama and Donkey discover their new world. In this stunning picture book, by award-winning creators – Vikki Conley and Martina Heiduczek – we journey with Salim as he grows up creating a new life around him.
This is a story about a journey, hope and creating fun with the little that you have.


Ruby's Repair Cafe

Ruby loves to fix things, rather than throwing them away. When a shiny new department store opens next door to Ruby’s Repair Cafe, everyone in town soon forgets about fixing things.
But will Ruby be able to save her family business from big business before the rubbish takes over the town?


Murder in Velvet

13-year-old Grace loves her new charity shop coat. In fact, it’s perfect. Except for one tiny thing.

When she wears it, she sees visions of the previous owner’s life ... and their murder! Grace and her best friend, Suzy, decide to investigate but digging up the past reveals secrets some people want to keep hidden.

Can Grace stay one step ahead and solve a fifty-year-old murder or will she become the killer’s next victim?

A gripping...


Nature's Song

A little girl sets off on a quest to find an irresistible gift to help bring the outside in for her homebound brother. Nature’s Song is an invitation to
discover the wonders of nature in all its mysterious glory ... and how nature creates and touches our lives for the better.


I Spy Treasure!

Captain Snarkle Tooth is a grouchy pirate who likes to spy and steal treasure. Treasure that no one else can see!
Can Billy solve the mystery and learn to spy the sparkly treasure too? And is the villainous pirate as greedy as people think? Or is he taking the sparkles from the sea for a very different reason?


Seasons & Sounds: Listen to Summer

Squawk, Caw
Soaring high,
Swooping, scooping,
Seagulls in the sky!

Toddlers will enjoy listening to the sounds of summer come to life, as they
press the buttons in this beautifully illustrated book.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

Let's Go! On a Bicycle

Let's go on a bicycle
And spend the day outside,
We'll have a big adventure
It's a great day for a ride!
Join friends for an exciting bicycle ride!


Saving Piku

One Tuesday morning Pal is teaching Piku how to sing when the Beast
suddenly shows up. Fear quickly spreads through the colony and the dads do
everything they can to protect their little ones. Will they be able to keep
them safe?


Jump for the Stars

We’re JUMPING for the stars!
If we don’t stop soon,
We’ll land on planet Mars!
In Vogue Williams’ enchanting first children’s picture book, we meet lots of little children who like to be super active all day long.
Can you JUMP for the Stars?


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