My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Some people say jelly beans don't grow on trees. Not this little boy ... he believes in magic. He watches his jelly bean tree grow. He feasts on jelly beans and crowns himself the JELLY BEAN KING.A magical tale that will delight all ages.


Beauty and the Beast

On a dark day Beauty sets out to meet the Beast in his castle. Can she put her fear aside and see through the appearance of the Beast?

Helene Magisson brings this story to life with her stunning illustrations.


Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck

Mr Darcy dreads the first sign of Spring. Flowers blooming means only one thing – dancing season, and Mr Darcy simply cannot dance.

Can Lizzy convince Mr Darcy to take a turn around the maypole?

Mr Darcy the Dancing Duck celebrates the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.


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