123 Tea Party

Join Fox as he prepares a magnificent tea party for all his friends in this perfect first counting book.
Jane Austen, the world famous author, spent most of her life in Hampshire.
Its houses, countryside and people inspired her writing.
The book design draws on Jane's love of gardens, the flowering plants grown in Hampshire during her lifetime, and by Jane's own garden at Chawton.
Published in association with Hampshire Cultural Trust and Jane Austen House Museum.

Ages: 0 - 4 years

The ABC of Musical Instruments

Join these lovable animals as they play musical instruments in the perfect first alphabet book.
Jane Austen, the world famous author, spent most of her life in Hampshire.
Its houses, countryside and people inspired her writing.
The book design draws on the repeating pattern of oak leaves from a Pelisse Coat in the care of Hampshire Cultural Trust which is thought to have belonged to Jane Austen.
Published in association with Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Ages: 0 - 3 years

A Home for Luna

When Luna washes up on a strange shore she is scared and lonely.
She soon discovers there is beauty in her new land, and along the way makes unexpected friends.
But will she ever feel at home in a place so different from the one she remembers?

Winner of The Chidlren's International Rubery Book Award 2020.


Bear Was There

The first thing Mouse felt was love, as he lay in the warmth of his mother’s fur.
Then one day, Mouse meets Bear.
He feels frightened, but what if Bear is not as scary as he seems...


Boo Loves Books

Some dogs are shy and anxious and so are some children.
Can Boo and Phoebe turn their fears into a positive experience?
A charming story of friendship between a shy little girl and a huge, gentle rescue dog.


Eco Rangers: Pelican in Peril

Eco Rangers 1: Pelican in Peril

When Ebony and Jay, the famous Eco Rangers, rescue a frightened-looking pelican covered in fuel, they know something terrible has happened. Why is the sea full of petrol? And where does it come from? As the Eco Rangers start investigating, they end up getting into big trouble. Join them on their mystery-solving adventures! Eco Rangers to the rescue!

Eco Rangers is an action-packed series centred around two best friends, who rescue and...


The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Crumbling Castle

The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes 1: The Crumbling Castle

When Zinnia Jakes gets a new pastry order for a special medieval crumbling cake, she has no idea where to start! It needs to be ready in less than a day for the school fair and the clock is ticking. Will she deliver it on time...


How to be a Virus Warrior

Danny Dino is not feeling well.
What can he do to protect himself and others from getting sick?
Dr Pterosaur tells Danny Dino and his friends how to prevent the spread of germs and bugs through correct hand washing, and other useful tips.
Can you do the seven-step super hand wash just like Danny Dino?


Scoop McLaren: Detective Editor

Scoop McLaren 1: Detective Editor

What do you do when an evil newspaper editor wreaks havoc in a quiet coastal town? Sonny Fink writes online news that is uploaded at one minute past midnight every night. The news is always frightfully awful and if Sonny writes it, it is bound to happen. Thirteen-year-old detective and reporter Scoop McLaren and her best friend Evie are set on a mission to uncover the identity of the evil Sonny Fink.


Under the Same Sky

As Featured on CBeebies Read by Tom Hardy!

Two children on opposite sides of the world crave friendship.
Is it possible to be friends across the miles?


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