Natalia Moore Interview

December 17th, 2019

Illustrator of the Let's Go! board book series, Natalia Moore, shares some information about her work and life with us and some behind the scenes artwork!

When did you decide you wanted to become an illustrator, what prompted this?

When I was 6, I made my first picture book about a small pig who was strong. My teacher loved it and got me some chocolate. Her name was Mrs Heath and she always encouraged me. Everyone was scared of her, but I adored her.

What was your favourite childhood book?

The Witches by Roald Dahl. It really scared me, but I have fond memories of my dad reading me this book.

If you could tell your younger self any advice, what would it be?

Don't worry so much and enjoy being a kid.

How did you come up with the characters for the book?   

I imagined what a group of friends would look like and wanted them to show their varied personalities in their appearances.

How has your background and location shaped your work?

Growing up with two younger brothers, I used to make up stories to read to them. Some of the stories scared them, especially about a monster who lived in the cupboard and hated you opening it, as it would wake him up... I did scare them a few times, but they forgave me (hopefully). I have always had a vivid imagination, I am sometimes lost in my own mind and have a lot of ideas to express. It helps to live rural in England, as I have quiet time to think about my ideas in peace.

Are there any people who you think have helped or inspired you to improve as an illustrator?

My family's support has helped me improve, especially with self-doubt.

What is your working process?

I have to use a pencil to start with, I can't draw digitally right away. I need to get a feel of it first, then I will scan it in and move it about digitally.

If you didn’t illustrate, what would you do instead? 

I would work in animation 

What’s been your favourite feedback?

The author's feedback; Rosalyn sent me a lovely email and I really appreciate it.

Finally, give us a fun fact about yourself that nobody knows!

I fell face-first in hippo dung in Africa - I didn't watch my step! Weirdly it didn't smell that bad...

character sketches

characters coloured in

Let's Go! On a Rocket cover artwork sketches

Let's Go! On a Ferry

AUTHOR : Rosalyn AlbertILLUSTRATOR : Natalia MooreTwo friends enjoy an afternoon in the sun aboard a ferry.

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Let's Go! On a Rocket

AUTHOR : Rosalyn AlbertILLUSTRATOR : Natalia MooreTwo friends enjoy an adventure on a rocket as they head into space.

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