Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Mermaid's Tears Reviews

April 10th, 2019
Through The Reading Agency we sent 11 Chatterbooks Groups from around England and Scotland copies of Keeper of Crystals: Eve and the Mermaid’s Tears  to read and review along with an activity pack, which you can download here:


'A great story full of adventure and I would recommend it to anyone I meet'**** 


'I liked this because the book was exciting and scary at the same time'.

Group Leader 'The Class Three children have absolutely loved the story - and some of our boys, who would not usually read this type of book, were really surprised that they enjoyed it so much'. 

Weybridge Library 
'The best part was at the end when you talked about dark magic'.

'I would have picked this book up because of the front cover and the colour'.

'I would recommend this book because of all the magic and unexpected things that pop up' 

'I liked everything!' 

Group Leader 
'I liked the idea of the mermaids being the protectors of the seas. We could do with some of those!'

Downs School 

'I really liked the description of the necklace'.

'I would reckoned this book because the story is really good. I love mermaids. I did not like the bad pirate!'

***** :)  

'I would recommend this book because it was really interesting, the characters were perfect, the pictures were amazing, all the creative writing was fabulous ... My friends would love this book'. 

'I would have chosen to pick this book up because I would look at the blurb and see if it was interesting (which it is) I would look at the front cover. I would read the title and look at the picture underneath and I'd be thinking: who is that girl? what is she holding in her hand? Where is she?' 

'I like about this book that there is a mermaid acting like a superhero because she wants to save her friend and the planet. I liked everything in this book because it is a friendship book'.

Group Leader
'It immediately looked exciting and we wanted to read straight away, love the sparkles... The best thing about this book was it sparked a great discussion afterwards... lots of ideas! The group asked me to order the whole set of 8 books for the library!'

The RJ Mitchell

'Nothing is wrong with the story and I don't want it to change ... it has adventure, mystery and fantasy so there is something in this book for everyone'.

'Oscar is very cheeky, Eve is fearless and strong'.

'I can't wait to read the next one!'. 
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