Inside the Inspiration with Cori Brooke on Fearless with Dad!

May 18th, 2021
Hear all about the inspiration behind Fearless with Dad from author Cori Brooke! The perfect Father's Day read!

My main inspiration for writing Fearless with Dad was watching all the wonderful things that my husband and son do together. I also observed that there were a lot of books celebrating mothers, but not so many about fathers. In addition to this, I also was dismayed that too often in the media dads are portrayed as the clowns or fools and my own experience of this is the opposite. 
I have been doing creative writing for a very long time but I also took a very long break from it when I was at university doing a double degree in Laws and Media and Communications. I got back into creative writing when my son was a new born and I was a bit bored because he slept on my all the time – I started writing children’s books at that time and was lucky that one of my early manuscripts was taken up by a publisher and now over 10 years later, I have six published books to my name (including All I Want for Christmas is Rain, which was shortlisted for Book of the Year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia).

I love the challenge in saying a lot in as few words as possible. I love the interplay between stories and pictures – and I love working with the publishers and illustrators to make the story come alive. I love a well-structured and crafted manuscript. I also love writing about topics that are in the zeitgeist or that I see as becoming topical. I love that children take comfort, joy and happiness from picture books – and I especially love that books keep kids away from screen time. I loved picture books when I was a kid and so it is a dream to now be a picture book author. And I really enjoy doing school visits too! 

I hope that kids can read Fearless with Dad with their dad or father figure and either see their own activities reflected or get ideas for activities. I also hope that it will encourage dads to read with their kids – it is not a wordy picture book and I hope that it is accessible to all families.

Thank you Cori for sharing this lovely inspiration story with us!
You can find Cori on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on her website.

Fearless with Dad

A little boy's lovable celebration of the endless possibilities and adventures he has with his dad. The perfect Father's Day read!

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