Behind the Scenes of Santa's High-Tech Christmas

December 3rd, 2018

Mike Dumbleton on writing his latest story
I really enjoyed writing Santa’s High-Tech Christmas and the story includes several ideas that come from my own experiences. I’ve travelled around the world a lot in recent years and new technology has made it easier to stay in touch with my publishers. So I thought a modern Santa Claus would have to be using the latest technology as well, such as a 'scanner' and 'techno-pad', to make his work quicker and easier. I’ve also lived in New York and realised how hard it must be for Santa to deliver presents in a crowded city. But Santa’s 'rocket-pack' was a perfect solution for getting presents to the kids in all those high skyscraper apartments.

Finally, I thought Santa was probably fed up with travelling through freezing winter weather, year after year, in an open sleigh with a hard wooden seat. He must have had a very sore backside! A car with a 'soft reclining seat' and a 'flip-top roof' was a much better option. 

Young people often take to new technology easily while some older people can find it confusing. That’s what gave me the idea for the clever young girl in the story knowing how to help Santa when things went wrong. 

I used Jasmin for the name of the young girl who helped Santa because that’s the name of my granddaughter, who you can see below. There’s also a picture of my grandson Zeke, because when you read the book you’ll see that it’s dedicated to him.

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!
Mike Dumbleton

See illustrator Angela Perrini live drawing Santa:

Santa's High-Tech Christmas

Santa has discovered high-tech gear. With his techno-pad, a flip-top roof on his sleigh, a soft reclining seat and a rocket pack, he is well prepared to deliver presents for Christmas Day.  But as things start to go wrong, Santa needs help from a young girl so that all the presents get delivered on time.

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