Kirra the Koala

AUTHOR : Beverly JatwaniILLUSTRATOR : Sarah DemonteverdeKirra the Koala is the fifth book in the 'Together We Can Change The World' series. A series of seven stories, covering seven continents, with seven important virtues; Love, Courage, Compassion, Kindness, Integrity, Respect and Gratitude. Each book highlights a fundamental core value, whilst simultaneously encouraging children’s responsibility towards Planet Earth. The books’ protagonists are an endangered species from each continent. The fifth book is a delightful story about a girl and a little koala joey, Kirra. When a wildfire destroys the local habitat, Ling agrees to help save and rescue the stranded koalas. A special understanding with Kirra will forever change Ling’s understanding of Integrity.RELEASE DATE : 1st February 2023


ISBN : 978-1-915167-35-4PRICE : 7.99Buy Now

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