Jonny Daymond


Jonny Daymond loves action, adventure and travel. He has trekked the Amazon rainforest, dived the Great Barrier Reef, jumped out of planes, raced sailing dinghies, climbed sheer rock faces and spent a lifetime studying martial arts. In fact, he holds a fourth degree black belt and is the current Chairman of the United Kingdom Shorinji Kempo Federation. As a former publisher he has travelled the world visiting countries on every continent, while as a musician he has performed thousands of gigs singing, playing the guitar, harmonica, bass and drums.
But most of all, he is a dad, and he likes nothing more than hanging out with his two children: climbing trees, sword fighting with sticks and making up stories. His writing career is dedicated to them and all other children, young and old. A debut author, Jonny writes intriguing, thrilling and thought-provoking adventure stories. Jonny can be contacted at and

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